Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Geosynth Street View News

Microsoft 'to launch Google Street View rival' - United Kingdom
According to tech website PocketLint, the service will be called GeoSynth and will based on Microsoft=92s existing PhotoSynth technology, which analyses ...

Geosynth Street View

Search Engine Land
Report: Microsoft Taking On Google Street View With =93GeoSynth=94
Search Engine Land - Redding,CT,USA
The effort is reportedly called =93Geosynth=94: Microsoft is going to find its images from someone else, namely, you. Essentially GeoSynth is going to function ...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Geosynth Street View

GeoSynth: Microsoft=92s answer to Google Street View?
LiveSide - USA
Pocket-lint, the =93largest independent gadget news and reviews site in the UK=94, is reporting today that Microsoft plans to take on Google=92s Street View with ...

Geosynth Streets News

Microsoft to Tackle Google Street View With Crowd-Sourced App
Fast Company - USA
Microsoft's apparently due to have a go with its own application dubbed GeoSynth. But unlike Google's imagery which is sourced by a fleet of sensor-equipped ...

Geosynth Street View - UK

Microsoft GeoSynth to compete with Google Street View
Electronista - Santa Clara,CA,USA
Microsoft has announced plans to launch a mapping service, GeoSynth, that will take on Google=92s Street View mapping feature, according to Pocket-lint. ...
Microsoft takes on Google Street View with GeoSynth - Sydney,Australia
According to Pocket-lint, the technology is to be called GeoSynth and will couple the Virtual Earth mapping service with Microsoft=92s PhotoSynth technology. ...